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duck mural

Ilonka's kitchen entrance

trompe l'oeil courtain dinig room

powder bathroom

Dinning room

dinning room Ilonka's

ilonka's proyect

Ilonka's proyect



banana palm

contemporary leaves #2

Contemporary leaves #1

Bal Harbour

Lobby. Fort Lauderdale.

Portobelo Bogota

Powder room.Marco Island F.L.

Model house Aventura Bay.

Le Club Fort Lauderdale

Tucan.Bonia Beach.F.L.

Elevator Door [like wood]

Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour [Interiors Gallery Store]

Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour

Sam Dell Apartment. Fort Lauderdale.

Top Of The Stairs.N.Y.

tita's bed

Skaneateles NY .Sam Dell lake house.

Sam Dell Pool Cabana.Fort Lauderdale

Sam Dell Lake House

Sam Dell Lake House

Sam Dell Lake House

Sam Dell Lake House.Skaneateles N.Y.

Sam Dell Chalet.Before & After

Sam Dell Chalet

Sam Dell Chalet.Siracuse .N.Y.

Sam Dell Apartment

Lobby Ver2

Portobelo Bogot�

Sam Dell Apartment. Fort Lauderdale.

Mangroves. Marco Island.

Old Marco Inn

Interiors Gallery Bal Harbour. Miami

My Dogie

Sam Dell Pool Cabana

Sam Dell Pool Cabana

Ravine Feeling house. Coconut grove. Mi

Over tile. Oil Paint. on the kitchen.

Samta Maria's Building.Brickle .Miami.

Main entrance.Skaneateles.N.Y.

Living Room George Wooden.Naples.F.L.

D'Angeli Ristorante . Naples. F.L.

In Our little Island . Prado Tolima. Col

Back Wall in the Bar.Marco Island .....

Marco Island Pent House .

Ravine Feeling House.Coconut Grove . Mia

Ravine Feeling House

Squirrel on the laundry. Sam Dell House.

Laundry. Sam Dell house.Skaneateles .N.Y

Game Room And Bar.N.Y.

Oil Paintings on The wall.

Old Marco .With my sister Tita Quintero

Old Marco In Hotel. Marco Island F.L.

Blue Diamond - Pent House-Miami Beach F.